As Amanda from Accounting
dazzles her department.

As Amanda from Accounting
dazzles her department.


to the show

Better-performing employees are inside

Your employees

are the stars

Employees perform at their best when they’re engaged with their company and aligned with the mission.

This is the challenge for every organization. Inviting and keeping employees inside the tent is essential.

Tentpole was created to change the way organizations communicate with their most important stakeholders – their employees.

Complicated internal strategies

Executed beautifully



Tentpole Strategies is a marketing agency focused on internal communications.

We create smart, effective campaigns that educate, engage and motivate your teammates about your products, services and communities you serve.

Organizations face

more challenges than ever

Tentpole Strategies excels at persuading internal audiences for Fortune 500 companies, associations and non-profits.

We work with you to understand your issues, messages, objectives, culture and brand voice to craft messaging and designs that meet your business strategies.

We connect employers with their employees

We connect employers

with their employees

Let us know how we can craft a messaging campaign that brings your organization closer together. 

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